Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What's So Wonderful About Washi?

Washi Tape - numbers and letters

Washi tape is the stationery and craft accessory you never knew you needed.  Until now! 

Washi tape is of Japanese origin, made from fibres from trees and shrubs but also from bamboo and rice which gives it a paper-like feel.  It is sticky (think: post-it notes) but repositionable and is mainly used for scrapbooking, smash books and to decorate pages of diaries and notebooks, 

However... if you browse the craft boards on Pinterest you will find so many more ways in which to use washi tape including gift wrapping, mobile phone decoration and plenty of ways in which to use it around the house, e.g. wire labelling.  There are hundreds more ideas out there - just search 'washi tape ideas' on Pinterest and be sucked into the vortex. 

washi tape - green

We went on a washi tape journey of discovery in 2014. Washi tape isn't expensive, especially if you know where to look (Etsy and Amazon are our favourite haunts) and there is so much choice; every colour under the rainbow and every pattern imaginable. Did you know that you can watch YouTube video after video after video of people decorating their Filofax or notebook pages?  

We'd love to know what your best washi tape buys have been and what you have done with your washi tape. Feel free to share in the comments, on our Facebook page or tweet us a picture.


  1. Oooh a crafting necessity , I'll look into this

  2. I've had it before but didn't do much with it at the time. Recently though I noticed how people were using it to customise their diaries / planners and so have bought a pack to get me properly started. I've seen some amazing designs though so could see it fast becoming a new stationery-related obsession.
    There are some brilliant uses for washi on Pinterest if you have an hour or three to browse.


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