Friday, 23 January 2015

National Handwriting Day

23rd January is National Handwriting Day and we are celebrating the scrawl and the scroll. Handwriting features prominently in history with letter writing between people of importance, signatures on declarations and important documents, notes sent secretly between star-crossed lovers and classic books written originally in longhand before being sent to print. 

As Stationery Lovers, we are huge fans of handwriting. We say that handwriting is a form of art as it is individual to the person who produces it.  On a computer, you are using a font that thousands of other people are using at the same time yet your handwriting is completely unique. 

We want to know if you still write regularly? Do you just scribble notes as reminders or do you set aside a period time each day to write in a journal? Does one of your friends have handwriting that you adore to look at?

Whilst you are pondering on that, look at this glorious wallpaper we found on the Graham & Brown website. It's called 'Dreams Come True' and doesn't it make you want to sit in that chair and trace over the loops and swirls with your finger?

Dreams Come True - Script Wallpaper from Graham & Brown
Photo Credit : Graham & Brown


  1. I LOVE handwriting but then I am a fan of my own handwriting, not always of everyone else's!

    1. I love your handwriting too! Not a fan of my own.


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