Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hard Work Notebook

We aren't shy in admitting that we have a bit of a problem when it comes to notebooks. I currently have a cupboard full of them, all waiting to be written in and I know that Nickie is the same.

My biggest problem is that despite my book love, I'm actually really stuck in my ways when it comes to putting pen to paper. My hardcore, addiction means that I can't leave TK Maxx without a new notebook to add to my collection, especially at sale time.

Then I discovered the Kickstarter project for the Hard Work Book. I paid my money and duly forgot about it. If you like to invest in these fab crowd funded projects, you really do have to let go because it can be months, many months before the product is produced.

Hard Work Notebook

Just after christmas my Hard Work Book arrived. What can I say? I was blown away. 

This A5 Hard Work Book is a robust hardback notebook with an easy to use isometric and golden ration print guide on the 256 internal pages. A flexible fabric covered spine allows you to open the book flat on any page.
The 20mm thick paper is made from stone, making it waterproof and suitable to use with marker pens.

Hard Work Book Pages

Hard Work Book layout

I really do think that this is the ultimate Bullet Journaling notebook, the only problem that I have is that it's so awesome that I can't bring myself to write in it!

The Hard Work Book is available from Hundred Million for just £9. Every Stationery Lover needs this in their life.


  1. I love notebooks too, and have loads of different different ones. I love the look of this one and the fact that it opens flat without damaging the spine! Definitely one I am going to look in to!

  2. This is what i have been looking for !

  3. This looks very nice indeed

  4. This looks very nice indeed

  5. Great post. I love my notice board for reminders!


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