Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Top 10 Stationery Stocking Fillers

Stationery Lovers Top 10 Stocking fillers

Are you looking for a stationery stocking filler for someone? We've each picked our five of our favourite web finds; four very affordable pieces and one luxury item. Here are our Top 10 Stationery Stocking Fillers.

Nickie's Top 5 Stationery Stocking Fillers

Top 10 stationery stocking fillers Nickie

Paintbrush Stylus £12.99 from Ekit on Amazon* - If you love painting then this paintbrush stylus works with all touchscreen art apps to simulate painting in acrylic, watercolour or charcoal. The bristles are made from synthetic hairs with conductive properties and it's the same size and weight as a regular paintbrush. The opposite end of the brush has a rubber stylus for sketching or handwriting.
Calender Stickers £3.22 from Etsy - For all of us who use the bullet journal system you'll know that not having an actual calender in your notebook is sometimes a barrier to forward planning. This little page marker stickers solve that problem immediately and also create easy-access monthly tabs, 

Glitter Washi Tape £6.60 from Whimsy Designs on Amazon* - This sparkly washi tape is slightly thicker than the normal paper washi tape so it's great for edging Filofax dividers or project pages in a notebook. And who doesn't need a bit of glitter in their lives?

Novelty Paper Clips £3.89 from Beautifeye on Amazon* - Shaped paperclips always add a touch of fun to a notebook or diary and there's plenty of selection here. I think my favourite from this collection would be the bicycle clips (*groan*) or the scooter clips.

3D Doodler £99.99 from Firebox - Imagine being able to bring your doodles to life! I really want to get my hands on one of these 3D Doodle Pens and give it a try. I'd probably write my name (don't you always when you get a new pen) and then try to create the London Underground roundel.  Have a look at this video below to see why I squealed when I saw it!

Sian's Top 5 Stationery Stocking Fillers

Stationery stocking fillers sian

Gift Box Drawing Set £17.50 from Moleskine - I'm really into doodling at the moment and this beautiful box set containing a sketchbook, pencils, sharpener and rubber ticks all my boxes!

Cat Journal £8.50 from Moleskine - Have a cat? Love a Moleskine? This cat journal is a match made in heaven. Keep track, organise and improve your cat's life. Four themed sections to fill in, four tabbed sections to personalise. Breeds list, tail talk, checklists, skills, grooming and feeding schedules, health, records, memorable moments and more. Topped off with 202 adhesive labels for personalising your journal.

Lomo London Notebook £2.40 from Lomography Store - The London Lomo Notebook turns London inside out and invites you to have a look. The pages are jammed packed with the most amazing, personal, vibrant and authentic Lomographic insights into my favourite city.

Stop Procrastinating Notepad £4.95 from OhDeer  - What more do you need to motivate yourself than this frank, set of paper goods?

Livescribe 3 Smartpen Pro Edition for iOS7 iPhone and iPad £169.99 from Amazon* - Livescribe pens are the perfect fusion between traditional and digital note taking. Check out the video and wonder how you ever managed without one!

* This is an affiliate link, if you make a purchase via this link I will receive a small payment (when I say small, I mean small).


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